Consensus = Party-Less Politics!

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Political Parties are why so many Canadians do not vote any more!

50% of Canadians do not vote any more.  They say it is because parties don't really care what voters have to say. Parties are there to win, and they'll say just about anything to achieve that goal.  Parties and their MPs tell us what is important rather than hearing what we are telling them is important.  

Many people agree that this situation is backwards: Elected MPs are there to represent their constituents in Parliament - that is why it is called Representative Government & Responsible Government (responsible to the voters of their ridings, not to a political party).

CONSENSUS GOVERNMENT is a major improvement on how things work now:

a. Voters focus solely on choosing the best representative for their ridings (there are no parties or party leaders to distract them in choosing the best representative for them);

b. Each MP once elected has the sole responsibility to find out what the majority position is in his/her riding on each issue and then to speak and vote that way in Parliament;

c. If they fail to operate in this way, the MP can be Recalled by voters in his/her riding and forced to stand for early re-election.  He/she would likely be replaced at that point by someone who will represent the riding faithfully;

d. Every MP would be equal in Parliament: Equal time to ask questions, equal time to debate, a vote of equal weight and importance with his/her peers, equal chance of serving on important Parliamentary committees; equal opportunity to stand for election by the House as either a cabinet minister or as Prime Minister; and,

d. No MP would have a party telling them how to vote or what is important.

CONSENSUS CANADA is now in the process of registering as a federal political party:

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